Constructing hope in challenging spaces: narratives by health professionals on issues of solvent use

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De Boer, Tracy
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The process of recovery from addiction is a multifaceted process that involves the efforts of clients, professionals and the broader community. Additional challenges to recovery are present for individuals who use solvents. This study investigates how professionals, involved in the provision of services to clientele who use solvents, understand the process of healing in their collaborative work. Using a narrative methodology, semi-­‐structured interviews were conducted with professionals employed in providing recovery-based services to individuals who use volatile solvents. The stories of these professionals demonstrate how they view their clients as “just like everyone else” despite what the dominant cultural story says about their possibilities for recovery. The professionals told stories which are in extreme opposition to the story of dominant culture and involved groupings of “us” (professionals) versus “them” (others). These stories, and how they were told, are discussed in relation to hope for professionals who provide health and housing services.
Volatile Substance Use, Narrative, Health Professionals, Recovery