Planning the commercial strip, a case study of Pembina Highway, Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Duhamel, Raymond James
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The objective of this practicum is to address the fundamental question "How do we plan for a successful commercial strip?". A Case Study will be used as one method in which to address this question. However, for the purposes, of clarification, it is important to mention that this practicum is not intended to be a vehicle to provide the ultimate solutions for successful planning for commercial areas. In contrast, this practicum is an analysis tool for providing a better understanding of the role of planning and planners with respect to one aspect of a city's commercial structure, namely, the commercial strip. This practicum is largely based upon field research in the form of a land use analysis and a questionnaire of a sampling of businesses along Pembina Highway, a major commercial strip located within Winnipeg, Manitoba. The field research is strengthened by more detailed analysis on certain individual properties located along this strip that are owned or managed by Shindico Realty, who agreed to provide detailed information on their properties. The field research and individual property analysis has been supplemented with a literature review. All told, the findings of this practicum provide insight into the functional role of Pembina Highway within the overall commercial structure of Winnipeg, as well as addressing current issues and future considerations with respect to planning for a successful commercial strip. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)