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dc.contributor.supervisor Falkenberg, Thomas (Curriculum, Teaching and Learning) en Skyhar, Candy 2009-12-22T17:01:23Z 2009-12-22T17:01:23Z 2009-12-22T17:01:23Z
dc.description.abstract Using elements of design experiment research and autoethnography, this action research project investigated how viewing learning as complex participation in a community of practice characterized by mathematical inquiry impacted my teaching practice in a grade 10 Applied Mathematics class in a rural Manitoba high school. This report of the research project describes and analyzes both my attempts to change my teaching practice by drawing on theories of learning mathematics as complex participation in a community of practice and the changes that resulted from these attempts. The analysis focuses on the characteristics of a community of practice characterized by mathematical inquiry, how I attempted to foster such a community, what challenges I faced when I changed my teaching practice in this way, and how insights from this practitioner research project can inform the teaching of mathematics as well as theorizing about the learning of mathematics. en
dc.format.extent 2697910 bytes
dc.format.mimetype application/pdf
dc.language.iso en_US
dc.subject community of practice en
dc.subject inquiry en
dc.subject action research en
dc.subject Manitoba en
dc.subject autoethnography en
dc.subject design experiment research en
dc.subject practice en
dc.subject complex en
dc.subject participation en
dc.subject mathematical inquiry en
dc.subject complex participation en
dc.subject design experiments en
dc.subject practitioner research en
dc.subject Applied Mathematics en
dc.subject grade 10 en
dc.subject 20S en
dc.title Viewing learning as complex participation in a community of practice characterized by mathematical inquiry en Curriculum, Teaching and Learning en
dc.contributor.examiningcommittee Mason, Ralph (Curriculum, Teaching and Learning) Betts, Paul (University of Winnipeg) en Master of Education (M.Ed.) en
dc.description.note February 2010 en

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