Multiculturalism in the practice of landscape architecture

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Hutchison, Jason
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The thesis investigates the extent to which multiculturalism is addressed in the practice of landscape architecture in Canada, and proposes recommendations to increase the incorporation of multiculturalism into the profession. In the first chapter, the theoretical underpinnings of multiculturalism are discussed and the term is defined for the purposes of the remainder of the investigation. This is followed by an examination of multiculturalism in the Canadian context, and how it has evolved over time. The thesis then addresses the question; ‘Why should landscape architects care about multiculturalism?’. Once the importance of multicultural issues to the profession of landscape architecture is demonstrated, the thesis turns to discovering how these issues are currently dealt with in the profession. This investigation takes the form of a survey on multiculturalism which was distributed to the Canadian Society of Landscape Architecture (CSLA) and its component associations, as well as seven other types of professional associations in an effort to solicit their strategies for responding to cultural diversity. The results are then compared and analysed before recommendations are made on how the profession of landscape architecture can better include multiculturalism into Canadian practice.
landscape, architecture, multiculturalism