Systematic Development and Characterization of a Polypyrrole Hybrid for Dynamic Random Access Memory

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Pilapil, Matt Andrew
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Conducting polymers have emerged as a class of innovative materials with tunable properties that are useful in a diverse range of applications. For example, the electronic properties and molecular structure of these materials can be modified electrochemically. Reported in 2008, the creation of a conducting polymer hybrid system PPy(Li+DBS-) that exhibits novel time and potential dependent conductivity can be utilized to create dynamic memory. Unlike modern silicon-based devices which are limited by scaling factors such as quantum tunneling, this system is expected to have exceptional scaling properties allowing memory devices to operate down to the low nm range. The work embodied within this thesis describes results based on the scaling properties of PPy(Li+DBS-) from 5 to 45 μm on the potential dependent current transients that are used as a basis for dynamic memory applications. The deviation from theorized conduction systems has led to a thorough understanding of the anisotropic nature of PPy(Li+DBS-) determined through finite elemental simulation methods. The temperature dependence of the system is also studied to verify activation energies associated with carrier and ion mobility.
Polypyrrole, DRAM