Lake Winnipeg Basin Initiative Phase II Report

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Environment and Climate Change Canada, Province of Manitoba
Environment and Climate Change Canada, Province of Manitoba
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Government of Canada
This report has been compiled to highlight the activities conducted during Phase II (2012-2017) of the Lake Winnipeg Basin Initiative (LWBI) of Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC). It contains an overview of the accomplishments achieved under each pillar of the LWBI: Science, Stewardship and Transboundary Partnerships. The Science section outlines the projects undertaken by ECCC scientists including a project overview, results and plans for future research. A full list of scientific publications can be found in Appendix B. The Stewardship section describes the LWBI’s grants & contributions program, including funding priorities, eligibility requirements and the application process. This report also describes the results achieved by these projects, with descriptions of each project highlighted in Appendix A. Finally, the Transboundary Partnerships section outlines the interjurisdictional and policy work carried out by ECCC in collaboration with a multitude of partners. Problems and solutions to the challenges facing Lake Winnipeg are interprovincial and international in scope. Any solutions for improving the health of the lake will take time and require the coordinated efforts of multiple stakeholders in the Lake Winnipeg Basin.
Lake Winnipeg, benthos, algal bloom, aquatic invasive species, zooplankton, hydrology, nutrients, freshwater ecology