Prostate cancer, the screening conundrum

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Thorn, Shirley A.
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The purpose of this study is to present a systematic overview of the literature pertaining to prostate cancer screening and early detection rationale, the significance of prostate cancer and the impact on health care, particularly treatment modalities. Secondary data bases published by the Canadian Cancer Society and data from published articles are examined with a focus on the incidence and mortality rates of prostate cancer. The literature is synthesized to provide explanations to promote the feasibility of prostate screening and early detection, including the value of PSA testing. The outcome of the study demonstrates that earlier detection with PSA testing is a means of addressing the issue of prostate cancer and saving the lives of men. A health promotion prostate cancer algorithm included a critical reflection of the theory that early detection and treatment substantially lowers cause-specific mortality while contributing to health promotion, individual responsibility and well-being health behavior, components desirable and advocated by Government agencies across Canada. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)