Fighting for normalcy: a critical analysis of family caregivers' perspectives on supports and housing for a family member living with serious mental health issues

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Mahe, Richard
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This thesis will critically discuss the relationship between family member caregivers of someone living with mental health issues and the housing and mental health system, within the Manitoba context. In a period when mental health and housing systems face financial constraints and limited resources, creating a responsive system that focuses on the needs of the individuals it serves requires not only identifying those needs but understanding the individuals and their perspectives. The focus of this thesis will be the exploration of nine family caregivers’ views on providing supportive care to a family member living with mental health issues. Major themes from the interviews will be explored including fighting for normalcy, responding to burden and stigma, and housing and supports. The intent of this thesis is to gain a deeper understanding of the needs of family caregivers and how these needs can inform policies to provide a higher quality of life for their families.
city planning, mental health, housing, caregivers