Systematics of Callogobius (Teleostei:Gobiidae)

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2016-10-31, 2013-03-19, 2014-02-13, 2014-03
Delventhal, Naomi
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Callogobius is a large genus of gobies characterized by fleshy ridges of papillae on the head in both horizontal and vertical rows. The taxonomy and phylogenetics of the genus are difficult and poorly understood. The purpose of my research is to better categorize the diversity within Callogobius by identifying and describing morphological characters and using them to aid species identification and discovery of monophyletic sub-groups within the genus. In this thesis, I construct separate phylogenetic hypothesizes for the intrarelationships of Callogobius using morphological and molecular data, respectively. Parsimony analysis using morphological characters (external anatomy and osteology) supports the presence of three monophyletic groups within Callogobius, the hasseltii, sclateri and maculipinnis groups. A fourth group, the tutuilae group, contains several species, at least some of which share some characters with members of the sclateri group. A molecular phylogenetic approach using four genes (zic1, a partial fragment containing 12S, tRNAVal and 16S, rag1 and sreb2) and analyzed using maximum parsimony, maximum likelihood and Bayesian inference supports the monophyly of Callogobius, the hasseltii, sclateri and maculipinnis groups; the tutuilae group is resolved as paraphyletic with respect to the sclateri group. Reductive traits, such as small size and loss of head pores appear to have evolved multiple times in independently. In addition to phylogenetic analyses, I address some of the taxonomic issues within Callogobius through the descriptions of two new species, C. winterbottomi and C. pilosimentum, a redescription of C.allogobius clarki, removal of Gobiopsis liolepis from Callogobius, and a regional review of the Red Sea species (including a key). My taxonomic and phylogenetic study demonstrates that it is possible to find concordance between multiple methods even in taxa characterized by diversity and perceived reductive characters.
Biology, Sytematics, Morphology, Taxonomy, New species, Gobiidae
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