iPad apps: a vehicle to develop social skills in children with autism

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Ruppenthal, Cory
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This case study research was conducted to determine if three moderately priced iPad apps could assist children with autism in the area of social skill development. Five participants from Grades 6-12 were selected for this study. The researcher met with each participant three times. After being given a demonstration, each participant was observed using the apps and then asked questions relating to their experiences using them. The researcher and participants discussed the themes of the apps to determine whether the participant comprehended the social situations that were presented. The results of each case study varied based on the cognitive abilities of the participant. All participants had success with at least one app and indicated that they would continue using the apps in the future. More research is needed to determine the true potential of the iPad as a tool for children with autism to enhance their social skills.
Autism, iPad apps, Case study, Social skills