Sport nutrition knowledge, dietary intake and quality of life status of curling athlete populations

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Collette, Brianne
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Dietary Intake can impact sport performance and may be influenced by Nutrition Knowledge (NK). Stressors related to competitive sport also affect Dietary Intake and athlete Quality of Life (QOL). This is the first study to explore NK, Dietary Intake and QOL of curlers. Part 1 of the study assessed the NK (n=320) and QOL (n=240) of Canadian curlers using an author-derived questionnaire for NK and the WHOQOL-BREF and Athlete Life Quality Scale for QOL. Part 2 of the study explored the dietary intake of elite female curlers (n=4) using a 3-day food record. Data were analyzed using Mann-Whitney U, Spearman’s Correlation, Kruskal-Wallis, and Chi-Square tests. Overall, curlers had an average NK score of 69.7%, which is relatively high compared to the literature range of 33.2% - 83.7%. Nutrition Requirements, Weight Management and Macronutrients were poorly understood NK categories with Hydration, Protein and Sugar as the most well understood categories. Competitive athletes had significantly lower Total NK and General NK, but not Sport NK scores compared to recreational athletes (p=0.046, p=0.001 and p=0.449, respectively). Participants had high QOL scores with an average of 89.3%, and no differences were found between competitive and recreational athletes (p>0.05). Factors influencing QOL were Employment, as Retired participants had higher QOL scores in the Social Relationships, Psychological and Environment Domains; Gender, as male participants had higher Psychological Domain scores than female participants; and Age, that had a significantly positive relationship with the Psychological Domain (rho=0.165, p=0.011) and Environment Domain (rho=0.270, p<0.001). Dietary Intake data showed trends of low energy and carbohydrate intake, while protein and fat intake were within, and above recommendations, respectively. While this thesis concluded that Canadian curlers had high QOL scores and relatively high NK, it remains unknown how NK influences Dietary Intake, thus requiring further research in this area.
Dietary intake, Nutrition knowledge, Quality of life, Nutrition beliefs, Curling, Sport nutrition, Curlers