Dairy milk as an ergogenic aid: assessing athletic performance and perceptions

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Leaf, Michelle
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Recent literature suggests that dairy milk may have the same effects as many ergogenic aids available today. Study 1 assessed the use and perceptions of dairy milk as an ergogenic aid among competitive athletes and recreational exercisers. Participants (n=294) completed a 14-question survey. Overall, 66.1% of athletes reported drinking dairy milk daily, 71.4% believed that milk will help with exercise performance and only 39.6% reported using milk as part of their exercise routine. Meanwhile, only 44.8% of football players reported consuming milk for exercise. A pilot study assessed the effects of chocolate milk (n=5) verses water (n=4) on attenuating symptoms of exercise induced muscle damage in collegiate football players. Muscle soreness, plasma creatine kinase and lactate dehydrogenase, countermovement jump and 15-m sprint were measured at various time points. No time*treatment effects were observed for all measurements. Given the gap between beliefs and actions, there is a need to provide nutrition education to athletes.
Dietary supplement, Sport nutrition, Exercise performance