Gas to power: enhancing and optimizing the domestic gas supply obligation for improved power generation and supply in Nigeria

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Shodipo, Janet Oluwadunni
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This thesis examined the Nigerian Domestic Gas Supply Obligation (DGSO), a policy formulated to enhance domestic natural gas supply for the improvement of electric power generation and supply in Nigeria. Using the theories of property and energy security, the thesis established legal justification for the formulation of the DGSO. Also, comparisons were drawn from countries, such as Indonesia, Western Australia and Egypt, which implemented policies similar to the DGSO. Challenges found to confront the successful implementation of the DGSO ranged from gas producers’ contractual commitments to non-existent comprehensive and pragmatic legal framework for the DGSO. The thesis concluded that with cost-reflective natural gas and electricity pricing, investment incentives and stability, adequate and secured infrastructure, effective implementation and monitoring institutions, backed up by a clear-cut regulatory framework and a strong-willed government, the DGSO could still realize its objectives of contributing immensely to the improvement of power generation and supply in Nigeria.
Natural gas, Electric power, Domestic supply obligation, Nigeria, Energy security