Reinterpretation & interaction, the neglected urban landscape

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Cheung, Wai-Tung Phyllis
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The neglected spaces are the spaces in between the buildings. Though they function as part of the city's infrastructure system, they are rarely included in its inventory of assets. These forgotten spaces remain as honest reflections of our urban lives, without being corrupted by popular and corporate cultures. Occupied a substantial amount of urban land, the neglected spaces represent the no-man's lands that remain emptied for most time of the day, The formation of the neglected spaces, their physical and cultural attributes and potential were examined In a series of site studies and literature reviews. This research formed the basis for art installation, which a presumably dangerous neglected space was transformed into a venue of human events and a stage that has ignited people's sensation. The installation was used as a tool to engage people to interact with the neglected realm of the city, in which they are able to see the city from a different perspective. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)