The environment and security, an examination of proposals to redefine security

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Wittman, Karen.
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Despite the recent outpouring of literature on the subject of security and the virtual avalanche of calls to have the term rethought, redefined, renegotiated and enlarged, very little of this presents an improvement over past practice. This is particularly the case with demands to have security re-written to include the environment. When cast against the backdrop of the critical literature, it becomes clear that these proposals will do little to ameliorate past problems. Instead, they remain as riddled with difficulty as the original concept itself. As fundamentally important as it is to maintain an open dialogue between mainstream analysts, those who critique the hegemonic discourse and those who ttempt to craft alternatives, it is equally significant to realize that not every alternative is necessarily preferable. Thus, efforts toward redefining security should proceed with caution. Considering the pressing gravity of both environmental and security issues, the dialogue should nonetheless be maintained and conscientious efforts to continue to improve both spheres upheld. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)