Lights! Camera! Education! A Library and Nurse Educator Collaborative "Movie" Programs for Continuing Competence

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Raynard, Melissa
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Introduction: The College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba and the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Manitoba implemented a continuing competence program as a requirement for registration renewal. To help nurses complete these requirements, in 2007 the Concordia Hospital Library (CHL), part of the University of Manitoba Libraries, collaborated with the Concordia Hospital Medical/Surgical Educators, to develop and deliver the program “Movie” Days. Methods: Each month an Educator selects a ½ hour educational “movie” from the CHL. During this month Library staff show the “movie” 4 times over 3 days each month: once in the Library, and once on 3 different units. Each showing includes popcorn and a list of “movie” related articles that can be requested from the library. A certificate of attendance is given and can be submitted with continuing competency documentation. Promotion is through posters, hospital-wide emails, twitter, the webpage, and post-“movie” day emails. Results: Feedback is sought continuously to improve the program and the attendance. Feedback triggered changes include “movie” themes (e.g. elder care to general patient care), times (e.g. lunch to afternoon), and location (e.g. lecture rooms to the units). One measure of success is that other Winnipeg community hospitals have requested this program from their own library. Discussion: Despite the changes to facilitate the attendance of nurses, allied health professionals make up the majority of attendees. Regardless, this program is highly valued by the hospital Nurse Educators, and they continue to collaborate with the CHL and promote the program to staff.
Poster presented at the American Libraries Association Conference, Las Vegas, NV. June 29, 2014. Poster presented at the Canadian Health Libraries Association Conference, Montreal, PQ. June 18, 2014
libraries, education, nursing, collaboration