A study of pedological processes in certain Manitoba soils

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Barr, John Arnold
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The blackearth soils cover a large portion of Southern Manitoba. These soils have been mapped by the Manitoba Soil Survey and classified on the basis of morphological characteristics. It was noted that the dark color of the surface horizons was common to all the soils. However, there was considerable variation in the color of the sub-surface horizons, in the structure, and in other morphological features. An investigation was undertaken to ascertain if chemical and physical studies would provide criteria for differentiating the blackearth soils of Manitoba. The first investigation of chernozem soils, of which we have record, was carried out by Russian soil scientists. Glinka, in his publication, "The Great Soil Groups of the World and Their Development" showed the gradual change in the concept of chernozem development... Rupprecht was first to attack the problem from a botanical standpoint. He stated that the chernozem had developed from steppe grass vegetation and was a land plant soil wholly analogous for the grassy soils of northern Russia. Karpinski held that the character of the parent rock had a predominant influence...