River & Communities: alternative scenarios

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Devabhaktuni, Sujana
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For thousands of years, rivers and forests have supported earth’s civilizations and survive several natural calamities. However, these waters and woodlands are now under threat due to exponential impacts of humans’ ecological footprints. This threat continues to increase due to the choices we make. Urbanization, sporadic growth patterns, poor development strategies, and lack of awareness have contributed to the demise of river and water bodies in India. This practicum focuses on potential strategies to improve ecological conditions of Tammileru River in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states by incorporating vernacular practices and refining policies for future development and management. The current conditions of the river along its course are analyzed and ways in which it is being affected by the agricultural practices, structures and changing the lifestyle of communities living along the river are identified. Based on this analysis, design strategies are developed to re-establish relations between communities and the river, and by doing this, not only improve water quality but also helping recover groundwater levels to support the communities’ daily needs.
Tammileru River, Indian River, River pollution