Application of egg by-products as high quality protein, energy and bactericidal supplements in poultry and swine nutrition

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Schmidt, Lisa D.
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Egg-breaking facilities produce substantial quantities of technical albumen or whole egg by-products each year that are unsuitable for human consumption. Despite their excellent amino acid profile, energy content and the presence of anti-bacterial proteins (i.e., lysozyme), they have received little attention as animal feedstuffs. The objectives of the current study were (1) to determine the nutritive value of technical albumen and whole egg by-products, and (2) to investigate the effect of heat-treatment and gamma-radiation on the nutritive value of egg by-products and on induction of bactericidal activity of lysozyme against pathogenic bacteria. Due to the promising results regarding the heat treatment of lysozyme, technical albumen was also thermally treated. Gamma radiation was investigated as an alternative treatment to induce the novel activity of lysozyme. To determine the nutritive value of egg by-products, seven 'in vivo' animal trials were conducted. The potential for spray-dried egg proteins to replace spray-dried porcine plasma (SDPP) in early-weaned pig diets was investigated in two 3-week performance trials. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)