Die Flucht über das Meer im Rahmen der europäischen Flüchtlingskrise 2015/2016: Rezeptionslenkung und Aspekte des Politischen in Literatur und Film

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Burkard, Annika
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This thesis analyzes the flight across the sea in the context of the refugee crisis in 2015/ 2016 in German film and literature. The works chosen are Wolfgang Fischer’s film Styx from 2018, Reinhard Kleist’s graphic novel Der Traum von Olympia (An Olympic Dream) from 2015, and Merle Kröger’s crime novel Havarie (Collision) from 2015. Common motives in the works are the depiction of Europe as a paradise from the refugee’s perspective and the contrast between vacationing and bare survival. However, each author/director based their unique narrative method not only on the medium and genre of delivery but also on choices of narrative perspective. This thesis examines the differences in the narrative methods and gives special attention to the emotional, cognitive, ethical, and political steerings of the recipients. In all works, the steering of the recipients is linked to political topics such as the concepts of agency, solidarity, human rights, and precarity. Furthermore, this thesis examines the depiction of Europe, its responsibilities, and the traces of colonialism as projected in film and literature. At the end of the thesis, I reflect on the representation of the sea, which becomes a political place, a dangerous border region or a resort for vacation in the works.
refugees, Europe, sea, agency, precarity, solidarity, human rights, emotions, politics, colonialism, Styx, Havarie, Der Traum von Olympia