Explaining architecture to the public, an inquiry into architect/public value disparities

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Gross, Glen Frederick
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There is a significant relationship between architecture and the public. In general, members of the public do not fully understand this relationship, nor do they pursue an interest in architecture. Instead, the public is largely indifferent towards their involvement in, and effect on, the built environment. Architects on the other hand, must consider public/human issues as they design and oversee the construction of buildings. The different perspectives held by architects and the public are evident through many indicators. This thesis reviews these indicators, and seeks to understand the nature of architect/public value disparities as they currently exist in the relationship between the two. The indicators also reveal the effects of this disparity on both the environment and on people. Acknowledging possible negative consequences, it is important to understand these value differences in order to determine ways of improving the relationship between architecture and the public. Recognising affirmative development of the human spirit as a fundamental human need, the architec is challenged to face the task of involving the public in architecture with optimism, and in their own unique and personal way.