UMSAE Baja transmission design : final design report

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Nuessler, Brian J.
Bais, John M.
Young, Steven N.
Zhao, Qiankun
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The University of Manitoba SAE (UMSAE) Baja team is a school group that designs, builds and races an off-road vehicle every year. The team has requested a re-design of their powertrain system, as they have had problems with the operation of the vehicle at last year‟s competition. This report describes the final design that will best meet the needs of the Baja team. The design was chosen by narrowing down a list of concepts based on the needs of the Baja team and the required technical specifications of the car‟s powertrain. Four designs met those needs and were researched further after which a final design was selected. The design selected is an Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT) system, which is created by modifying a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) system by adding a planetary gear set. The sun gear of the planetary set is driven directly by the engine and the ring gear is driven through the CVT which is attached to the engine. Changing the CVT ratio changes the speed of the ring gear which, in turn, creates a difference in the speed of the ring and sun gears. This difference causes the planet gears to displace, which is the output of the system to the wheels. A pair of gears reverses the direction of rotation of the ring gear and a sprocket set is added to give the ability to easily change the overall reduction ratio of the system. This system offers high low-speed torque while still providing a high top speed and, for this reason, an IVT system will be the best option for the Baja team.
transmission, design, UMSAE, Baja