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Kerr, Andrew
Dy, David
Lee, Yong
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The purpose of the project was to design a sheet metal transfer system for Ryerson Canada Inc. The current sheet metal handling process presents a safety concerns such as repetitive strain injuries, back pain and minor lacerations to employee’s hand and forearm. These safety concerns arise due to the current sheet metal transfer process being fully manual, and extremely difficult for one employee to complete. To solve the problem, the Team identified the constraints and target specifications for the project. A systematic approach was taken to determine the most viable concept to pursue. Finally the team took the most viable concept and developed it into a detailed design that Ryerson could submit for proper engineering approval. Within the detailed design the Team generated a package that consists of preliminary technical drawings, a bill of materials, material costs estimates, and a list of recommendations that pertain to the continued development of the transfer system’s design. Unfortunately the Team was required to reduce the scope it set out during the project definition phase due to resource and time constraints. Items omitted from the machine’s design include the electrical and pneumatic system routing, PLC selections, and a drive system. With the reduction in scope the Team focused its efforts on the core components of the system in the form of the lifting and sliding mechanism. The machine designed by Team 19 is intended to be integrated onto an existing cantilever racking systems. The transfer system utilizes a vacuum lifter to move sheet material from the stock skid to the customer order pallet. Vertical actuation of the vacuum lifter is accomplished with a 28-inch stroke pneumatic cylinder that attaches to the lifting mechanism. The lifting mechanism moves between the loading and unloading areas along a pair of modified cantilever. This sliding mechanism is retractable to minimize the machine’s footprint. The machine designed is expected to lift sheets of material up to 250 lbs that is approximately 4 feet wide and 10 feet long which represents roughly 65% of the sales orders at Ryerson’s Winnipeg location. The machine is divided up into three distinct components...