PT6 gas generator case stand

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Soliman, Adam
Salinas, Erwing
Xu, Hao
Wang, Ye Qing
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This report contains a complete solution to the problem experienced by our client, StandardAero, while performing repairs in their facilities. StandardAero performs a nickel plating repair on the PT6 gas generator case. The setup for this repair is not ideal for safety and operational reasons. The technician performing the repair currently experiences difficulties while performing the repair due to the height of the cart supporting the components necessary to execute the plating repair. Additionally, the current cart does not meet the storage requirement within StandardAero facilities and is incapable of remaining stable when subjected to rotational loads commonly induced by the plating process. In this report we include the detailed process of generating an optimal solution beginning with an analysis of the problem background, followed by the search techniques, concept generation, loading analyses, building components, possible commercially available alternatives, and a final optimal design. In addition, we include all costs and specifications of each purchased component selected for the final proposed design. Most importantly, we analyzed both static and dynamic loading conditions by hand and also numerically using advanced software to ensure that our results were accurate. A CAD model assembly has been created after selecting the best suitable material and geometry to help perform the analysis and calculations. Finite element analysis was employed to analyze and simulate both the static and dynamic loading cases. We determined that the static stress distributed equally on the four legs will be 94.3 psi and that the deflection created by the rotating dynamic load will be a maximum of 0.0424 inches. The yield strength of the steel made to construct the cart is 34 Ksi, which is far removed from the axial load described above, ensuring that the cart will not fail under axial loads present during the nickel plating repair. The dimensions and materials of the stand’s components are shown in Table XVII, and result in a total cost of $719.74 before taxes and shipping costs.
PT6, gas, generator, case, stand, StandardAero