Hypothermia rewarming effectiveness of distal limb warming with either Fluidotherapy® or warm water immersion

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Kumar, Parveen
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Rewarming mildly hypothermic subjects with distal extremity rewarming has been associated with significantly greater rewarming rate compared to shivering-only as it increases heat flow to the core by opening up of arteriovenous anastomoses in the extremities. This study compared distal extremity rewarming with Fluidotherapy® or warm water, or shivering-only. Seven healthy individuals were cooled in 8°C water to either a core temperature of 35°C or a maximum of one hour. The subjects were then rewarmed with one of the three rewarming methods (distal extremity rewarming with 44°C water or 46°C Fluidotherapy® or shivering-only) on three different occasions. There was no significant difference in the afterdrop length and duration between the three conditions. Fluidotherapy® provided rewarming rates similar to the shivering-only condition. Warm water rewarming provided higher heat donation to distal extremities and lead to a threefold higher rewarming rate compared to the other two treatments.
hypothermia treatment, distal extremity rewarming, Fluidotherapy®, arteriovenous rewarming