An ecological study of the Fort Garry Swamp

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Warkentin, Cornelius Cornelius
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Comparatively little work of an ecological nature has been done in Manitoba and Western Canada. In the years 1926, 1928 and 1929 three papers were published dealing with the vegetation of Alberta by Dr. E. S. Dowding and collaborators. A problem of great interest was found in close proximity to the Fort Garry buildings of the University of Manitoba, in the nature of a swampy area some 400 yards east of the buildings. It was therefore suggested to the writer, that he undertake this investigation. The problem is an investigation of the vegetation of the swamp with its surroundings and the conditions under which it exists, including the proximity of the Red River and the effects of occasional flooding. It was realized, at the time when the problem was begun, that it would be impossible to give a full report after only one year of investigation. Owing to the fact that a large proportion of this investigation had to be done in the winter, more emphasis was given to the identification of various plants and animals, which could be obtained by cultures from superficial samples of the soil, rather than to fieldwork...