Women, migration and care work: Filipino health care aides in Canada

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Novek, Sheila
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Personal care homes have become increasingly dependent on the employment of immigrant care workers. This qualitative study explored the high concentration of Filipino health care aides in personal care homes from their own perspectives, as well as that of policy stakeholders. In depth interviews were conducted with seven Filipino health care aides working in personal care homes in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Semi-structured interviews with policy stakeholders examined the policy context of the health care aide labour force. The study identified several factors that influenced the migration and employment of Filipino health care aides including: poverty and unemployment, migrant social networks, barriers in the labour market and financial incentives. The lack of regulations for health care aides sustained the flow of immigrant labour and enabled the expansion of social networks. Although their employment decisions were primarily based on financial need, health care aides valued their work and viewed themselves as critical care providers.
migration, health care aides, personal care home, women and work