A structural analysis of young women's interpersonal empowerment, an empirical validation of and elaboration upon Zimmerman's, 1995, nomological network of psychological empowerment

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Anderson, Amy L.
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Psychological empowerment is a composite of three components: the intrapersonal, the interactional, and the behavioral. The present research applied this model to the interpersonal or social domain of young females and validated these components empirically. In addition, it explored some of the relationships and contingencies between the components, including testing a feedback loop. A total of 469 female introductory psychology students were recruited and completed a questionnaire (final sample size = 411). The questionnaire included two scales assessing each of the three components: the 'intrapersonal ' (Self Efficacy Scale, Spheres of Control Scale), the 'interactional ' (Social Skills Inventory, Social Resources Scale), and the ' behavioral' (Strategic Approach to Coping Scale, Participation Scale). In addition to these measures, interpersonal empowerment was assessed by the Social Support Questionnaire and the Miller Social Intimacy Scale. The relationships between the intrapersonal, interactional, andbehavioral components, and their connecti n to empowerment in the interpersonal domain, were evaluated using exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis, and structural equation modeling. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)