Protein kinase inhibitor effects on P-glycoprotein (P-gp) activity and expression in various cell lines

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Pogorzelec, Michael P.J.
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Little is known about potential influences of kinase pathway modulation on expression and activity of P-glycoprotein (P-gp). A protein kinase inhibitor (PKI) library was screened, to determine its effects on activity and expression of P-gp, in various cell lines. Cell lines were incubated with PKI for 24 h. Subsequent P-gp substrate accumulation studies were performed. Changes in P-gp activity and/or expression ≥ 25% compared to control were considered hits. Kinase pathways identified as P-gp activity hits were examined for their ability to modulate permeability. PKI families GSK-3, Craf1 and VEGFR2 and Tie-2, significantly modulated P-gp activity in the MDCK cell line. PKI families GSK-3, Iκκ and Jnk2/3 significantly modulated P-gp activity in the Caco-2 cell line. Few P-gp activity hits significantly modulated P-gp expression. PKIs modulate P-gp activity more than P-gp expression in a cell line dependent manner, excluding GSK-3 PKI family, which appears to be cell line independent.
P-glycoprotein, Protein kinase inhibitors, Blood Brain Barrier