The effectiveness of matching sales influence tactics to consumers’ avoidance versus approach shopping motivations

dc.contributor.authorGuo, Wenxia
dc.contributor.authorMain, Kelley J.
dc.description.abstractAbstract Purpose - Adaptive selling can help build positive relationships between sales agents and consumers. The literature shows that consumers respond positively to sales agents under approach, but not avoidance motivations. The current research demonstrates a circumstance under which consumers with avoidance goals can also respond positively, something not previously shown in the literature. Design/methodology/approach - This research paper uses three experimental betweensubject designs to test hypotheses. Findings - The current research identifies appropriate sales influence tactics (e.g., a customer-autonomy-oriented or a loss-avoidance oriented influence tactic) where consumers with avoidance motivations can also respond to sales agents positively by the evidence of higher purchase intentions. In addition, this research shows that consumers with approach motivations may not always respond positively to salespeople. Further, goal facilitation appraisals of the salespeople serve as a mechanism between consumers’ shopping motivations and their behavioral responses (e.g., purchase intentions). Originality/value - First, while the prior literature demonstrates that approach motivations generally lead to more positive effects (Elliot and Thrash 2002), our research indicates that avoidance motivations can also have positive effects, which is a finding that has not been demonstrated in the literature thus far. Second, this research identifies goal facilitation appraisals as one underlying process that explains the interactive effect between matching influence tactics and consumers’ approach/avoidance motivations when shopping. Third, we integrate regulatory focus theory by using gain- or loss avoidance-oriented sales influence tactics to match approach and avoidance motivations.en_US
dc.identifier.citationGuo, Wenxia and Kelley J. Main (in press), “The Effectiveness of Matching Sales Influence Tactics to Consumers’ Avoidance versus Approach Shopping Motivations”, European Journal of Marketing.en_US
dc.publisherEmerald Group Publishing Limiteden_US
dc.rightsrestricted accessen_US
dc.subjectavoidance and approach motivationsen_US
dc.subjectgoal facilitation appraisalsen_US
dc.subjectregulatory focusen_US
dc.subjectsales influence tacticsen_US
dc.titleThe effectiveness of matching sales influence tactics to consumers’ avoidance versus approach shopping motivationsen_US