Mainstreaming Tiv Indigenous Peacemaking Approaches (TIPA): Identifying the Enhancing Processes, Steps, And Actors

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Genger, Peter
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This is an exploratory case study of the Tiv of Benue State, Nigeria, and it is primarily focused on identifying the processes, steps, and actors that can facilitate the mainstreaming of Tiv Indigenous peacemaking approaches, as a viable option to the dominant liberal peacebuilding paradigm, for addressing the people’s conflict experiences. I developed and used the Critical Indigenous Qualitative Methodology (CIQPM) to explore this fundamental concern. CIQPM is rooted in the Indigenous research tradition. It is essentially critical, decolonial, and Indigenous. Thus, it challenges every conflict experience perturbing indigenous communities and calls for the revitalization, return and re-insertion of indigenous peacemaking practices and social values to address the experiences. I, therefore, used the following CIQPM methods to collect and analyse data: inquiry conversations, storytelling, yarning, and narratives to collect, analyze and interpret data. I also decolonized and used the Western methods of one-to-one interviews, semi-structured questions and the Creswellian analysis steps, by focusing them toward the re-institutionalization of Tiv indigenous worldviews and peacemaking opportunities. The discoveries made by this study are useful for advancing the ongoing struggle by the Tiv to institutionalize their “Tiv ways” to address their conflict challenges. Also, the study has added interesting insights to existing knowledge and useful knowledge for pedagogy and practice to the field of Peace and Conflict Studies (PACS). The findings are equally beneficial to policymakers and peace-builders who are and will get involved in peace ventures in Tiv land and Africa as a whole. The grounded theory from the study is relevant to the current debate on the legitimacy and viability of African Indigenous peacemaking approaches and the imperative to move from here to the next level, that is, ferreting out ways of mainstreaming the approaches. Finally, as the study that pioneer’s the debate on identifying the factors to mainstream indigenous peacemaking processes, I hope that other scholars will make this topic, program, concern and agenda very central in their study on how to attain sustainable peace in Africa.
Tiv, Benue, Nigeria, African, Mainstreaming, Indigenous, Peacemaking, Approaches, Enhancing, Processes, steps, Actors