Evolving the poché: from wall to occupied space in the design for comm/unity in North St. Boniface, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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Lawrence, Kaley K.
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This project is a point of departure for re-thinking one of the major tools of interior design practice - the wall. Ubiquitous in nature, the wall has a seemingly straightforward and simplistic understanding. The focus of this project is to re-examine it’s typical understanding, and re-situate it’s poetic presence within the built environment through a designed intervention. Through investigating theoretical concepts such as boundary, interiority and threshold, along with memory, trace, and void; an evolution of wall into poché begins to ensue. Poché is an alternate term used here to regard the hidden depth and dimensionality of the wall. Through an adaptive reuse methodology, a new use for a derelict industrial building in North St. Boniface has been redesigned into a community center for members of that given neighbourhood. Overall, the study facilitated a fresh understanding of both terms - poché and wall - then subsequently translated those findings into a designed interior.
interior design, poché, boundary, adaptive reuse, threshold, memory