Optimizing convolutional neural network parameters using genetic algorithm for breast cancer classification

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Davoudi, Khatereh
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Breast cancer, as the most-regularly diagnosed cancer in women, can be controlled effectively by early-stage tumour diagnosis. Clinical specialists use Computer-Aided Diagnosis (CAD) systems to help aid in their diagnosis, as accurate as possible. Deep learning techniques, such as Convolutional Neural Network (CNN), due to their classification capabilities, have been widely adopted in CAD systems. The parameters of the network, including the weights of the convolution filters, and the weights of the fully connected layers play a crucial role in classification accuracy. Back-propagation technique is the most frequently used approach for training CNN. However, this technique has some disadvantages, such as getting stuck in local minima. In this thesis, we propose to optimize the weights of the CNN using Genetic Algorithm (GA). The work consists of: designing a CNN model to facilitate the classification process, training the model using three different optimizer (mini-batch gradient descent, Adam, and GA), and evaluating the model through various experiments on BreakHis dataset. We show that the CNN model trained through GA performs as well as the Adam optimizer with a classification accuracy of 85%.
Evolutionary machine learning, Breast cancer, Deep learning, Genetic algorithm