Airport development, plans and processes, a case study of Dorval International Airport

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D'Amico, Alessandro F.
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This study explores the future expansion possibilities at Dorval International Airport in Montreal. The purpose of this study was four fold: (1) To investigate the theory and planning procedures that are involved in the development of airports, and (2) to examine the actual planning process that took place and is presently taking place in the current expansion and development of Dorval International Airport. (3) A parallel research theme was an exploration into all the components that are present in the passenger terminal building and the general layout of airports. (4) Lastly, to investigate the choice of layout, internal components and configuration of the new terminal development at Dorval as well as evaluating these selections in comparison to the theoretical material presented in the thesis. In-conjunction with texts, literary works and original documents, qualitative research methods were used to gain insight into the participatory roles and complex interactions of the stakeholders in the planning anddevelopment of this expansion project. The results of the study demonstrated that although Aeroports de Montreal did initially stumble in its planning process with reference to social responsibility to its community and its partners, they did make strides in constructing a planning process that included a major substantive element along with the classical rational explorations. The study also demonstrated the decisions and choices of layout and internal configurations are balanced with the type of facility and overall airport system that ADM and its partners envision for the future of Dorval. The practicum introduced some recommendations that can improve on the established plans. It presented elements and components that better the physical layout for both the airport user as well as service providers.