Barriers and drivers to adoption of IoT-enhanced smart packaging in the food supply chain

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Trejo Beltran, Dax Yair
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This study investigates the adoption of Internet of Things-enhanced Smart Packaging within the Food Supply Chain (FSC) to combat food waste and enhance operational efficiency. With global challenges like food waste and operational efficiency persisting, innovative technologies can advance the FSC. By examining the drivers and barriers influencing IoT-enhanced Smart Packaging adoption, this exploratory research provides a general understanding of its potential impact. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with experts spanning companies from producers to grocers, as well as packaging manufacturers. Thematic analysis of these interviews uncovers crucial insights. Key drivers, including consumer requirements, food quality monitoring, efficiency, and sustainability emerged alongside barriers such as cost, consumer perception, technological complexities, and regulatory uncertainties. The findings highlight the potential to reduce food waste and enhance efficiency and visibility through IoT-enhanced Smart Packaging. Additionally, they highlight the need for stakeholder collaboration, governmental support, and effective education to expedite adoption and achieve sustainable outcomes within the FSC. This research offers a unique perspective on the evolving landscape of IoT-enhanced Smart Packaging adoption, its transformative potential, and the challenges it aims to address.
Smart packaging, Internet of Things, Food supply chain, Food waste