Validation of a proposed objective assessment tool for ultrasound image acquisition utilizing the focused assessment with sonography for trauma examination

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Ziesmann, Markus T.
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Introduction: No protocol for assessing ultrasound imaging skill has been validated. We sought to develop and validate an assessment protocol for ultrasound imaging for the Focused Assessment with Sonography for Trauma. Methods: Our assessment tool consisted of task checklists, a global rating scale, and hand-motion analysis and was developed by a modified Delphi technique. Novice and expert cohorts were recruited to perform a FAST exam on a volunteer for assessment under the protocol. Results: Experts scored higher on static image acquisition (11.58 of 16 versus 6.63, p<0.0001), dynamic image acquisition (17.21 of 24 versus 11.08, p=0.0005), and our global rating scale (29.79 of 40 versus 18.42, p<0.0001); experts used fewer movements (263.0 movements versus 452.4, p=0.0216) and a shorter path length than novices (60.097 m versus 32.777 m, p=0.0041). Conclusion: Our protocol for assessing ultrasound imaging skill has criterion validity in assessing expertise and may lead to improvements to training and credentialing programs.
trauma, ultrasound, fast, resuscitation, point of care, sonography, competency, focused assessment with sonography for trauma, medical education