Experimental thermal-hydraulic study of a supercritical CO2 natural circulation loop

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Mahmoudi, Javad
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Experimental thermal-hydraulic study of a rectangular supercritical CO2 natural-circulation loop with a horizontal heated channel was conducted at different steady-state conditions. These included different system pressures and three different inlet temperatures, with different inlet and outlet valve openings. Approximately, 450 experimental steady-state data-points were collected. The data include measurements of pressure-drop along the heated channel, pressure-drop across inlet and outlet valves, applied heat on the heated channel, pressure, temperature and flow-rate. Steady-state curves of mass flow-rate versus power, outlet temperature versus power, and detailed information of frictional pressure drop and local head loss coefficients were produced. Comparison showed that for the available experimental set-up, computed frictional pressure-drops fell within 1-1.20 of the Blasius formula prediction. Moreover, flow oscillations were observed in several cases when outlet temperature of CO2 was higher than the pseudo-critical temperature on the negative slope part of the mass flow-rate versus power curve.
Supercritical CO2, Natural Circulation Loop, Thermal-hydraulics, Friction-Factor