Radial moments for invariant image analysis: computational and statistical aspects

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Samanta, Urmila
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Zernike moments are sets of mathematical quantities that uniquely characterize an image. It is known that they are invariant under rotation and reflection and robust to noise. In this thesis several other algorithms have been used to calculate these moments. The intent of this thesis is: 1. to use the classical method and the algorithms to reconstruct an image using Zernike moments and study their accuracy and 2. to examine if the invariance and noise insensitivity property of the calculated Zernike moments are upheld by these procedures. It is found that the constructed images using these algorithms do not resemble the original image. This prevents us from carrying out further study of these algorithms. The classical method has been successfully used to reconstruct an image when the height and width are equal. The classical method is also shown to be invariant under rotation and reflection and robust to Poisson noise. xxxvii
Zernike Moments, Image Reconstruction, Invariance Properties