Hybrid interface: an interior design for the Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada

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Bricker, Ivy
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The exploration of emerging trends in museum design and theory informs a redefined spatial realm for the design of the Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada (JHCWC). The JHCWC has been forced to respond to a growing immaterial culture as a result of the current digital revolution. As an institution they have experienced amalgamation and re-location, which has drastically reduced the exhibition and museum space at the Asper Jewish Community Campus. The design will explore a new museum paradigm that is facing technological and digital advancements. Through the exploration of the effects of a virtual culture, the dematerialization of the physical realm can become redefined with the introduction of new digital technologies and interfaces. The proposed design project explores the potentials of a hybrid space, where the virtual and physical spaces interact and come together. The project will also challenge traditional museum assumptions, while creating immersive and participatory experiences. A new spatial coding provides a narrative and representation of culture that is integrated throughout the museum. A spatial typology emerges that suggests inventive experiences of history, culture, heritage and tradition.
Post-museum, Hybrid, Semiotics, Narrative, Memes, Cultural symbolism, Jewish heritage, Interior design