Time-domain distortion analysis of wideband electromagnetic field sensors using orthogonal polynomial subspaces

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Saboktakinrizi, Shekoofeh
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In this thesis, a method of distortion analysis of electromagnetic field sensors using orthogonal polynomial subspaces is presented. The effective height of the sensor is viewed as the impulse response of a linear system. The impulse response corresponds to a linear transformation which maps every electromagnetic incident field waveform to a received voltage waveform. Hermite and Laguerre orthogonal polynomials are used as the basis sets for the subspace of incident electromagnetic field waveforms. Using the selected basis set, a transformation matrix is calculated for the sensors. The transformation matrices are compared to a reference transformation matrix as a measure of distortion. The transformation matrices can describe the sensor behavior up to a certain frequency range. The limits on this frequency range are investigated for both Hermite-Gauss and Laguerre functions. The unique property of Laguerre functions is used to prove that the transformation matrix has a particular pattern. This method is applied on case studied sensors both in computer simulation and measurements.
Time-domain characterization, Electromagnetic field sensors, Asymptotic conical dipole, Orthogonal polynomials