Future development alternatives for the Jaffray Melick area of north western Ontario

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Campbell, Shannon L.
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Across rural Canada, communities like Jaffray Melick are facing a variety of issues such as increased growth due to the rising popularity of rustic living and environmental issues from increased development pressures. Becoming more popular means these smaller communities are also faced with increased demands for services and an increased threat of environmental degradation; which would essentially diminish their quality of life. Thus the main question is how do these rural communities protect their future quality of life? This practicum explores this question through analyzing principles of growth management and public processes. A case study of Bracebridge, Ontario examines a successful growth management strategy from conception to implementation. Generalizing the key steps involved in a growth management strategy from the case study and from the literature allows a framework to be developed, which can then be applied in other communities. In addition the role a planner plays in this process is also discussed and outlined. This 'framework' for growth management is applied to the community of Jaffray Melick. A hypothetical analysis gives the basis for information to be translated into technical aspects of a growth management plan in the context of a public consultation process. Such a plan allows recommendations to be made as to how to implement a growth management strategy and what types of control mechanisms are available to the community. In summary, this practicum provides examples of the growth management process and how to refine this process to fit he unique needs of various communities. Recommendations are made as to how the community of Jaffray Melick can begin their growth management strategy through public process.