An intervention strategy to enhance therapeutic exercise adherence

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Bailey, Liane O.
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The purpose of this study was to test an intervention technique, the keeping of a daily log sheet, and find its effects on adherence to unsupervised therapeutic exercises prescribed by Certified Athletic Therapists. Thirty-three recreational athletes who met the inclusion criterion were randomly selected and placed into a Control (n = 18) or Experimental Group. (n = 15). There were five additional recreational athletes who did not meet the criterion and were excluded from all analyses, but comments from these subjects were included within the discussion of the paper. Ten days into each subject's therapy, a Therapeutic Exercise Adherence Questionnaire was administered, for the purpose of measuring change in adherence. During the following four weeks, those in the Experimental Group recorded exercises performed on a daily log sheet. Those in the Control Group did not. At the completion of the four weeks, all subjects again completed the Adherence Questionnaire, were interviewed, and rated the importance of variables affecting adherence on a Variable Rating Sheet. Athletic therapists were interviewed once each subject completed the study, to obtain perceptions of patient adherence. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)