The University of Manitoba Field Station Delta Marsh 1973 Annual Report Number 8

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Shay, J.M.
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University of Manitoba
Introduction The University Field Station has taken on a dual role by maintaining both an active research program and providing educational services to University students, high schools and the general public. If natural resources like the Delta Marsh are to be maintained and managed to yield their maximum benefits, basic ecological information must be gathered and its significance disseminated as widely as possible. By combining research and education, the Station endeavors to meet these objectives. During 1973 the Station increased its already active program in research and teaching. For example, it was used for 454 resident weeks, an increase of 11% over 1972. The participants included: Staff Dr. J. Gee (Acting Director) Dr. J. M. Shay (Director) J. Evans (Botany) Dr. ' G. Robinson (Botany) Dr. C. Tudorancea (Zoology) Assistants M. Danielson M. Knight W. Lysack L. Nostedt M. Rayner P. Simonson H. Smart T. Wallis Graduate Students S. Bates (Zoology) G. Girman (Botany) N. Hooper (Botany) R. McArthur (Zoology) E. E. Mowbray (Botany) G. Mutch (Zoology) E. Pip (Botany) Support Staff B. Wallis (Administrator) N. Mulder (Manager) G. Mulder (Housekeeper) I. Garnham (Cook) Our facilities were used for short periods by Dr. M. Aleksiuk (Zoology), Dr. T. Booth (Biology Teaching Unit), Dr. R. Green, R. Pauls and T. Stewart (Zoology) in relation to their research. We were pleased to welcome Dr. C. Tudorancea (Faculty of Biology, University of Bucharest) who joined the staff as a Post-doctoral Fellow in April to study benthic fauna in Lake Manitoba. His investigations will continue until September 1974.
ecology, field station, manitoba, delta marsh