Determining the importance of real-time visual information for the remote supervision of an autonomous agricultural machine

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Panfilov, Ivan
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Researchers worldwide have invested effort into the design of autonomous agricultural machines to make them more capable, robust, and safe. The topic of control interface design receives much less attention. The current level of agricultural machines automation can be called ‘supervised autonomy’, which means that the human is not removed from the human-machine system but has to perform a supervisory role. In this study, the importance of live video for remote supervision of autonomous agricultural machine was investigated. The study was conducted using a simulation of an autonomous agricultural machine control interface. Results of the study showed that live video footage is less important for the supervisory task than information provided by indicators. At the end of the experimental session the participants spent about 70% of time monitoring indicators. The participants noted that they would like to be able to get live video either all the time or on demand.
Autonomous agricultural machines, Real-time visual information, Remote supervision, Control interface design