Social work consultation to Child and Family Services workers

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Dorge, Claudette R. T.
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This practicum focused on development of skill and knowledge related to adding a consultative element to assessment of parental functioning. The consultees were eight social workers in Child and Family Services agencies, both in the city of Winnipeg and in rural Manitoba. The consultation was provided to workers with a range of experience and education. The consultation stages included preparation, a contracting stage, data collection, assessment, and formulation of conclusions and recommendations. The practicum developed an eclectic model of consultation, utilizing concepts from various models. Client, consultee, program and administrative-centered consultation were utilized (Caplan, 1970). Elements from the expertise, the doctor/patient and process models (Schein, 1978) were integrated into the practicum. It also included a triadic relationship and a collaborative approach (Goodstein, 1978; Hollister and Miller, 1877; Kurpius, 1978; Rapoport, 1971 and Shulman, 1987). The Schein (1978) emphasis on a balanced delivery of content and process was experienced as difficult to operationalize. The evaluation occurred through interviewing the consultees at the termination of the process and through a reflective journal kept by the student. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)