Characteristics of participants willing to enroll in a workplace based shared treadmill workstation study

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Chitkara, Radhika
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Workplace sedentary behavior has been associated with many chronic diseases. A nine-month study has been initiated to determine participation and benefits of shared treadmill workstations. It would be an advantage to understand factors that would increase the use of these types of workplace interventions aimed at reducing sedentary behavior. To address some of these factors, characteristics of nineteen office workers willing to participate in this study were investigated. Baseline anthropometric measurements were taken. Participants provided seven-day exercise and sleep logs and three-day dietary records. Accelerometers were given to measure energy expenditure, step counts and activity durations. Participants also completed the questionnaires assessing their expectations and perceptions of a workplace intervention. The willing participants were generally overweight and sedentary middle aged individuals with below average daily energy expenditures and they had low fatigue and pain levels, poor sleep quality ratings, and wanted to reduce their sedentary behavior to achieve health benefits.
treadmill workstation, workplace intervention, characteristics of participants