FlockViz: A Visualization Technique to Facilitate Multi-dimensional Analytics of Spatio-temporal Cluster Data

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Hossain, Mohammad Zahid
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Visual analytics of large amounts of spatio-temporal data is challenging due to the overlap and clutter from movements of multiple objects. A common approach for analyzing such data is to consider how groups of items cluster and move together in space and time. However, most methods for showing Spatio-temporal Cluster (STC) properties, concentrate on a few dimensions of the cluster (e.g. the cluster movement direction or cluster density) and many other properties are not represented. Furthermore, while representing multiple attributes of clusters in a single view existing methods fail to preserve the original shape of the cluster or distort the actual spatial covering of the dataset. In this thesis, I propose a simple yet effective visualization, FlockViz, for showing multiple STC data dimensions in a single view by preserving the original cluster shape. To evaluate this method I develop a framework for categorizing the wide range of tasks involved in analyzing STCs. I conclude this work through a controlled user study comparing the performance of FlockViz with alternative visualization techniques that aid with cluster-based analytic tasks. Finally the exploration capability of FlockViz is demonstrated in some real life data sets such as fish movement, caribou movement, eagle migration, and hurricane movement. The results of the user studies and use cases confirm the advantage and novelty of the novel FlockViz design for visual analytic tasks.
Data Visualization, Theoretical design and implementation of representing data, Spatio-temporal data, Movement data visualization such as vehicle movement, animal migration etc, Cluster visualization, How to visualize clusters in Spatio-temporal data, Multi-Data analysis, Multi-dimensional data visualization to ease analytic tasks