Autopsy of the remains

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Nejadebrahimi, Ashkan
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This text discusses the concept of interruption. While the word ‘interruption’ has a general meaning as “an action, utterance, or period that interrupts someone or something.” , in this text, I will focus on a few specific aspects related to this definition. The content for this text is based on my studio practice and research, exploring topics such as being an outsider and questioning connections between Self and Others in social and psychological contexts. It is important to note that, as an artist and individual, life itself has always been the primary source of inspiration for me, rather than the contents or works of others about life. This aspect makes the entire creative process highly personal to me. However, I have also endeavored to broaden my perspective and seek connections with the outside, drawing from my personal experiences. In my studio, I create drawings using various materials. From inks for two-dimensional works to steel bars and wires for drawing in three-dimensional space, my preferred medium is primarily ballpoint pen on paper. For me, the act of mark-making serves as a means of exploring my feelings and thoughts about what is happening within and around me. As mentioned, drawing forms the foundation of this artistic journey. This text aims to establish connections between titles such as “Unconscious”, “The Monster”, and the quality of “Unfinishedness”, with the concept of interruption and the notion of the other.
Drawing, Other, Outsider, Unconscious, Unfinishedness, Monster