The use of the accelerated schools model in school planning and development, a case study

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Baxter, Lynda T.
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The Accelerated Schools Model is a model that sets high but appropriate goals for all students, and as such is focussed on achieving improved learning for all students. In order to do this, it provides a framework for systematic school change. The framework defines a process that maintains a focus on academic achievement and involves three principles: (1) unity of purpose, (2) empowerment coupled with responsibility, and (3) a focus on strengths. Beyond this, it allows the development of unique components suitable to a particular school. This is a case study of a high-needs school that used the Accelerated Schools Model in order to change and develop to meet the needs of its students. The study follows an implementation process over three years. The evaluation model for the project is one developed by Aoki. It is a model that includes three orientations for evaluation and as such includes empirical data as well as situational observations and reflections of stake holders. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)