Understanding tourists in Uganda: exploring motivation and characteristics of non-resident visitors to Uganda

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Halowaty, Meagan
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Uganda’s tourism industry is a major source of foreign exchange income, creating much-needed employment and development opportunities. This study provided an overview of motivations and characteristics of non-resident visitors to Uganda. This exploratory research was conducted in Uganda during July and August 2011. Information obtained includes the popular activities and places visited, visitor expenditures, demographic information, motivation for visiting Uganda, and motivation for traveling and volunteering in general. This study concluded that the majority of non-resident visitors leaving Uganda were volunteers, with a majority being religious volunteers who did not represent a sustainable tourism market within Uganda. Data provided in this study can allow tourism stakeholders to draw conclusions on what is needed in Uganda to help the tourism sector to continue growing more sustainably and to remain competitive amongst other East African tourist destinations.
volunteer tourism, sustainable tourism, motivation, Uganda, non-resident visitors, Leisure Motivation Scale, religious volunteer